Crab Appetizer Mold

Makeover Crab Appetizer Mold

Makeover Crab Appetizer Mold

When our experts tasted Kathi Mulchin’s elegant Crab Appetizer Mold, they loved the flavor, but not the fat and calories that came with it. The cook from Salt Lake City, Utah knew her recipe was indulgent and turned to us for help. “This easy dish is ideal for parties, but it’s far from being light,” she writes. “I’d love for you to make it healthier.”

In this case, a great makeover was just a few steps away. First, our pros determined that although the combination of cream of mushroom soup, mayonnaise and cream cheese gives the recipe a wonderful taste, it also brings too much fat and calories. The team opted for reduced-fat or fat-free varieties of the ingredients instead. An easy swap like this works perfectly with no-bake recipes, since fat-free products can break down and lose their smooth consistency when heated. The team also chose to decrease the onions slightly to showcase the crab flavor even more.

Makeover Crab Appetizer Mold is everything our makeover team hoped it would be! The delicate crab and green onions come through in each bite. Though it’s been slimmed down, this appetizer is just as luscious as the original.