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Recipe Makeovers Recipe Makeovers

Your favorite recipes made healthy

Makeover Bacon Chicken Alfredo

Makeover Bacon Chicken Alfredo

this healthier version of bacon chicken alfredo offers all the creamy comfort and rich homey flavor of the original, but slashes calories, cholesterol and sodium.
—irene sullivan, lake mills, wisconsin

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Makeover Mexican Roll-Ups


no need to skip an extra course. check out these lighter versions of our great-tasting appetizers, and start saying "yes, please!" to seconds.
Makeover Chicken Noodle Delight

Main Dishes

it's no fun eating good-for-you-food that doesn't taste good, but with these makeovers there's no need to worry. serve up your family one of these main dishes and they'll have no idea they're eating "healthy."
Makeover Patrician Potatoes

Side Dishes

always thought you had to "go light" when serving the side dish? well with these makeovers you don't have to! these side dishes taste great and are great for you.
Makeover White Texas Sheet Cake


indulgence no longer has to feel guilty. we've lightened up some of your favorite desserts without sacrificing any of the flavor. so go ahead, treat yourself.

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Healthy Baking

Makeover Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies

Lighter Cookies Are Delicious

tips for making cookies that are good for you and great-tasting.
Makeover Morning Glory Muffins

Basics for Baking

looking for a few homemade nibbles that won't cash out your calorie reserve? want to lighten up your most-requested goodies?

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Healthy Cooking Techniques

Marinated Turkey Tenderloins Recipe


when using lean cuts of meat, marinades can help add flavor and tenderness…without adding a lot of calories and unhealthy fats.
Paprika Chili Steak Recipe


the popular summertime technique of grilling lends unique flavor to meat, fish, vegetables and fruits without adding fat.

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