Stir-Fry Stars in Spring Supper

Try this quick dinner tonight.

Beef 'n' Asparagus Pasta

Beef 'n' Asparagus Pasta

From Penn Valley, California, Elaine N., sends 30-minute Beef 'n' Asparagus Pasta. Loaded with sirloin steak, mushrooms, tomato and asparagus, the stir-fry makes a healthy meal any night of the week.

Cap off the dinner with Sheri E.’s low-fat Raspberry Angel Cake. The Montrose, Iowa subscriber jazzes up a cake mix with almond and vanilla extracts before topping the dessert with colorful raspberries.


  • Hot tea
  • Tossed salad


  • To prepare the pasta dish quickly, Elaine does all of the cutting and chopping first and keeps the ingredients near her stovetop.
  • Eliminate the salt called for in the main course, and you’ll shave 295 mg of sodium from each serving.
  • If you’re watching your sugar intake, Sheri suggests sweetening the dessert’s raspberries with sugar substitute.