Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

You really can have a guilt-free holiday!

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Cranberry-Glazed Turkey Breast

This tasty, golden brown Cranberry-Glazed Turkey Breast is simply delicious. You need only three ingredients to make the pretty cranberry sauce that's used to baste it and served alongside. —Audrey Petterson of Maidstone, Saskatchewan

Makeover Home-Style Gravy

Thinking of skipping the gravy this year because it's "bad" for you? Don't even think of it! We've created this low-cal, low-fat Makeover Home-Style Gravy you won't believe. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Stuffing from the Slow Cooker

If you're hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner this year, add this simple, Stuffing from the Slow Cooker to your menu to ease entertaining. "This recipe comes in handy when you run out of oven space at large family gatherings. I use it often." —Mrs. Donald Seiler of Macon, Mississippi

Mallow Sweet Potato Bake

Put a light spin on a Thanksgiving classic. This festive looking Mallow Sweet Potato Bake captures the flavors of sweet potatoes and marshmallows, but leaves the calories out! —Delores Nickerson of Muskogee, Oklahoma

Parker House Rolls

My mom is especially well-known for the delectable things she bakes, like these moist, golden Parker House Rolls. When that basket comes around the table, we all automatically take two because one is just never enough. —Sandra Melnychenko of Grandview, Manitoba

Classic Pumpkin Pie

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a slice of Classic Pumpkin Pie. And you can relish every luscious bite of this version since the tender crust is made with a mere hint of canola oil and butter. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen