First-of-the-Season Produce

Four easy wasy to enjoy delicious spring fruits and vegetables.

Makeover Creamy Chicken 'n' Artichokes

"You'll need just a few ingredients to fix this fresh-tasting Fennel Orange Salad. The combination of crisp fennel and juicy oranges is delightful," says Nina Hall of Citrus Heights, California "To reduce last-minutes prep, make it the day before you plan to serve it."

This decadent lightened-up Makeover Creamy Chicken 'n' Artichokes originally from Debra Hibbs of Beaumont, California features chicken and artichokes topped with a creamy wine sauce. "Serve it for a your next event or family meal. No one will be disappointed!"

Looking for an impressive addition to your spring menu? Consider this eye-fetching idea from Rye, Colorado's Jeanne Allen. A filling of savory ham and golden bread crumbs makes these Stuffed Sweet Onions a decadent accompaniment to many entrees.

Apricots make a lovely, lightly sweet topping that's spooned over frozen yogurt in these fruity and refreshing Apricot Sundaes.

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