Holiday Cranberry Jam

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Spiced Pear Jam
Years ago, my in-laws had three pear trees on their acreage and gave us all the fruit that we wanted to pick. So I canned plenty of pears. Then a neighbor passed along this Spiced Pear Jam recipe. I've given many jars of this jam as gifts. Day to day, my husband and our boys enjoy it on toast with ham and eggs or on hot rolls with a meat.
—Karen Bockelman, Portland, Oregon

Holiday Cranberry Jam
This Holiday Cranberry Jam is one I make at Christmas for family and friends. Their comment is usually "good…and different." I especially like serving it for brunch, along with muffins or some toasted fruit. My husband and I live on what was once his grandparents' farm. We grow grain and raise cattle, and our garden produces vegetables and fruit to preserve.
—Sandee Berg, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Apple Pie Jam
Although I've been canning for years, I've never found a good apple jam recipe, so I created this one. My husband of 41 years and I love this Apple Pie Jam so much because it tastes just like apple pie—without the crust!
—Audrey Godell, Stanton, Michigan

Christmas Jam
I have a passion for cooking, and it's probably my grandmother I can thank for it. She was a marvelous cook who could really stretch a food dollar. All the same, I've had my share of trial and error over the years. Shortly after we were married, my husband and I were invited to a family picnic. I made the prettiest potato salad you'd ever hope to seen. There was only one problem with that dish I was so proud of—I hadn't cooked the potatoes!
—Jo Talvacchia, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

Mint Jelly
This festive-looking Mint Jelly can be served with lamb or used as a dessert topping. With its bright-green color, the jelly makes a great gift, too.
—Naomi Giddis, Two Buttes, Colorado

Jalapeno Cranberry Jelly
The thing that inspires most of my recipes is getting an item that I don't know what to do with and trying to cobble together to use it up. With this Jalapeno Cranberry Jelly, my brother giving me several jalapeno green peppers was the beginning. Fortunately for me, my husband is a willing guinea pig for my experiments!
—Karen Bunzow, Saginaw, Michigan

Rosemary Jelly
Colored right for Yuletide gift-giving, this deliciously different green Rosemary Jelly gets its flavor from an unusual source—savory rosemary. The herb adds a refreshing zip to the otherwise sweet spread.
—Margaret Dumire, Carroll, Ohio