Airline-Friendly Snack Recipes For Your Flight

Healthy recipes for first-class dining at coach prices

Turkey Lunch-Box Wraps

Turkey Lunch-Box Wraps

Jet setting to Grandma's house can be painful enough without paying restaurant prices for a boxed lunch. Peanut butter and jelly may be OK for the kids, but here are some healthy meals for adults that will have your fellow passengers looking over your seat with envy.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, all food must go through the X-ray machine. So, don't bring food to the security checkpoint unwrapped — use those regulation-size plastic bags you bought for the trip for your food, too.

The TSA approves of unpeeled natural foods like fruit. String cheese, sliced raw vegetables and dried fruit are also energy-boosting options.

For The Long Haul

Garden Vegetable Wraps

My husband and I love these ‘light & tasty’ Garden Vegetable Wraps. I found the recipe years ago and it was an instant hit. —Barbara Blake, West Brattleboro, Vermont

Garbanzo Bean Pitas

This a wonderful meatless recipe for informal dinners and quick lunches alike. I add a little horseradish to my Garbanzo Bean Pitas for extra flair. —Susan LeBrun, Sulphur, Louisiana

Ranch Tortilla Roll-Ups

These zesty Ranch Tortilla Roll-Ups are great as picnic nibbles, dinner appetizers and football party munchies. When my husband's co-workers at the state patrol come over for meals, they admit that "low-fat" can be delicious.—Karen Thomas, Berlin, Pennsylvania

Lemony Hummus

This easy hummus is flavored with garlic and lemon, but has a delicious nuttiness from tahini. I love the kick the tahini gives this Lemony Hummus. —Josephine D. Piro, Easton, Pennsylvania

Cereal Crunchies

Folks can't get enough of irresistible Cereal Crunchies. A slightly sweet vanilla coating is the perfect match for the blend of mini pretzels, crispy cereal and salted nuts. It's a real crowd-pleaser. —Juanita Carlsen, North Bend, Oregon

Fruit and Nut Trail Mix

This mouth-watering Fruit and Nut Trail Mix is filled with fall flavors. Watching weekend football games, we all enjoy snacking on this sweet and crunchy medley. —Mary Ann Dell, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

For a Short Flight (These Won't Last Long Without Refrigeration)

Turkey Lunch-Box Wraps

You’ll get a delicious headstart on your veggies for the day with this turkey-and-much-more wrap! These Turkey Lunch-Box Wraps taste wonderful cold or warmed in the microwave. They make a great brown-bag treat. —Denise Marshall, Jacksonville, Florida

Parmesan Yogurt Dip

We like to eat raw vegeatbles a few times a week as a side dish for a meal...and Parmesan Yogurt Dip is a healthier alternative to ranch dressing for a veggie dip. —Kathleen Tribble, Buellton, California

Fresh Veggie Pizza

This colorful pizza is topped with a rainbow of crunchy vegetables. Guests usually don't even guess this delicious Fresh Veggie Pizza is low-fat. —Brooke Wiley, Halifax, Virginia