Turkey Tenderloin Sandwiches Meal

Turkey Sandwiches and Spicy Salad

With a little planning, you’ll have no trouble finding the time to marinate the poultry for tangy Turkey Tenderloin Sandwiches. Kathy T. likes to grill the juicy turkey breasts at her Clifton, Colorado home.

And from Midland, Texas, Grady J. shares Spicy Crunchy Veggies. The colorful vegetable salad is perfect for backyard barbecues and adds a bit of zip to any meal.


  • Baked potato chips
  • Grapes


  • The tenderloins are so tasty that you can serve them without the buns. Or, try wrapping slices of the turkey in flour tortillas or stuffing them into pita bread for a fun change of pace.
  • If the veggie recipe sounds too spicy for your family, try eliminating the jalapeno pepper and decreasing the seasoning blend.