Shrimp Gumbo and Rustic Bread

Southern Seafood Gumbo Meal

Southern Seafood Gumbo Meal

Break up the lunchtime routine with Southern Seafood Gumbo. Susan W. from Champaign, Illinois adds a little spice to the steamy mainstay with a hint of cayenne pepper.

Serve hearty bowlfuls alongside slices of Four-Grain Bread. Sent by John R. of Lees Summit, Missouri, the recipe calls for a handful of ingredients and bakes up easily in a bread machine


  • Whipped reduced-fat butter with herbs
  • Apple crisp


  • Susan suggests preparing the gumbo with your family’s favorite seafood, such as crab or cod.
  • Clear out the fridge by stirring extra veggies into the gumbo. If you have carrots or tomatoes you didn’t use in another meal, finish them up here.
  • To give the bread extra flair, add a couple of tablespoons of sunflower kernels just before the final kneading.