Salmon Sandwiches and Herbed Spinach

Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches

Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches

Make lunch special with heart-healthy Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches (shown at right) and Snappy Herbed Spinach.

"I keep several cans of salmon in my pantry at all times so I never have to worry about drop-in guests," says Mrs. Ralph Cabeceiras of South Prairie, Washington. "This Open-Faced Salmon Sandwiches recipe is so tasty and quick…and it doubles easily for company."

"We have a small group that meets once a week for exercise and to share ideas on light foods that are good for us but also quick," writes Eva Brookman of Davis, Illinois. "Snappy Herbed Spinach is one of our favorite recipes."


  • Veggie sticks with dip
  • Chocolate pudding


  • Encourage kids to eat more raw veggies with a quick dip made from 2 tablespoons of low-fat plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of reduced-fat bottled ranch dressing.
  • Save time on busy weeknights by making the salmon patties ahead, shaping them, then covering and refrigerating.