Spinach Beef Salad Meal

Beefed-Up Greens and Rye Muffins

Mix up your lunchtime routine with Janet D.’s no-fuss Spinach Beef Salad. The Cedartown, Georgia reader tosses fresh spinach leaves with stir-fried beef and a delightful sweet-and-sour dressing.

Edna H. of Hebron, Indiana keeps meals big on flavor and low in cholesterol with Raisin Rye Muffins. A tasty addition to lunch, the down-home baked goods keep folks reaching for the breadbasket without feeling an ounce of guilt.


  • Raspberry iced tea
  • Frozen yogurt


  • To shave a few minutes off the clock, replace the homemade salad dressing in the main course with a bottled sweet-sour or Asian-inspired variety. Check the nutrition label to make sure it’s low-fat.
  • Don’t be afraid to add some extras to the salad. Toss in chopped green onions or water chestnuts.
  • Instead of using raisins in the muffins, add an equal portion of dates, dried apricots or dried cranberries.