Beef Wraps and Fiesta Salad

Lunch's a Wrap with Handheld Nutrition

Three-Pepper Beef Wraps Meal

Three-Pepper Beef Wraps Meal

Packed with all the vitamins, protein and fiber of peppers and beans, Three-Pepper Beef Wraps from Doreen Muench of Greenwood, Indiana make a handy Tex-Mex lunch or main course on busy nights. They’re sure to become a family favorite in no time!

Complete the Southwestern theme with colorful Fiesta Side Salad from Missoula, Montana’s Michelle Chicoine. It’s great with all kinds of grilled meats and chock-full of veggies.


  • Tossed spinach salad
  • Salsa


  • These tasty wraps make a satisfying, portable lunch dish.
  • One serving of the wraps, fiesta salad and spinach side provides 11 g of fiber—nearly half the daily recommended amount.
  • Using frozen instead of canned corn in the salad recipe cuts nearly 170 mg of sodium per serving. An added bonus? Frozen corn has a more vibrant color than canned.