Terrific Turkey Meat Loaf

This no-fuss dish cuts down kitchen time.

Terrific Turkey Meat Loaf

Terrific Turkey Meat Loaf

You'll love this moist tender entree. Not only is the Terrific Turkey Meat Loaf loaded with flavor, but it's low in carbohydrates and saturated fat. —Wanda B. of New Bern, North Carolina

Light cream cheese, garlic and butter make these Herbed Twice-Baked Potatoes potatoes irresistible. You can replace the basil with parsley if you'd like. —Ruth A. of Peck, Idaho



  • Freeze any leftover turkey loaf for fast dinners on future nights or use extra slices for lunch sandwiches the next day.
  • Pick up a package of chopped onions from the freezer case or produce department. Not only will they speed up tonight's main course, but you can use them in tomorrow's side dish.
  • When time's tight, cook the potatoes by zapping them in the microwave until tender. After scooping out the pulp, follow the recipe instructions.