Taco Pasta Shells

Taco Pasta Shells

Taco Pasta Shells

Expect the kids back for seconds of Taco Pasta Shells, then settle back with No-Bake Pineapple Cheese Pie.

"Here's a kid-friendly dish so flavorful and fun, nobody is likely to guess that it's also lower in fat," says Anne Thomsen of Westchester, Ohio. "Taco Pasta Shells make a great family supper for busy weeknights!"

"My diabetic husband always liked the pineapple pie at a nearby restaurant, so I experimented making something similar but lighter," explains Shirley Miller of North Judson, Indiana. "Now, No-Bake Pineapple Cheese Pie is my most-requested dessert!"


  • Tossed crisp greens
  • Sauteed broccoli florets


  • To wrap up an easy lunch-on-the-go, spoon the creamy taco mixture into fat-free or whole wheat tortillas.
  • Substitute orange or cranberry gelatin in the no-bake pie for a new taste treat!