Swiss Steak

This no-fuss dish cuts down kitchen time.

Swiss Steak

Here's a dinner that takes up little of your time. We like the Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes, rice or noodles. —Betty R. of Springfield, Illinois

This quick Rosemary Rice dish is a favorite with my family. It's low in fat because it gets it's flavor from herbs, not butter. —Connie R. of El Paso, Texas


  • Steamed sugar snap peas
  • Canned minestrone soup


  • Use kitchen shears to cut the stewed tomatoes for the Swiss Steak while they're still in the can and eliminate unnecessary cleanup.
  • To give the main course a flavor boost, purchase seasoned tomato sauce.
  • When Connie wants to trim even more sodium from her rice dish, she replaces the broth with water.
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