Slow-Cooked Sweet 'n' Sour Pork

Pop the pork in the slow cooker in the morning, and come home to a delicious dinner.

Slow-Cooked Sweet 'n' Sour Pork

Slow-Cooked Sweet 'n' Sour Pork

Even though a co-worker gave me this recipe for Slow-Cooked Sweet 'n' Sour Pork more than 20 years ago, my family still enjoys it today. -Martha N. of Hancock, Maine

In no time at all, you can treat your family to these Oatmeal Date Bars. They'll never suspect how light the snacks are. -Helen C. of Sioux Falls, South Dakota


  • Spinach salad
  • Pineapple wedges


  • To trim time in the morning, slice the pork and chop the onion and green pepper the night before.
  • While you're chopping a medium green pepper for the entree, cut up a small one for Tuesday's side dish and a second medium pepper for Wednesday's meat loaf.
  • For a change of pace, replace half of the dates in the oat bars with dried apricots.