Sirloin Strips over Rice

Sirloin Strips over Rice

Sirloin Strips over Rice

I found this recipe for Sirloin Strips over Rice in a movie magazine some 20 years ago," recalls Karen Dunn of Kansas City, Missouri. "It was the favorite of some male star, but I don't remember whom. Its great flavor and the fact that leftovers just get better have made it a family favorite!"

This Tomatoes Rockefeller side dish from Linda Roberson of Collierville, Tenessee goes great with a variety of meats, especially beef. "The topping freezes well and may be spread thinner to cover more tomato slices, if needed," she adds.


  • Steamed baby carrots
  • Sliced fresh pears


  • Refrigerate the leftover sirloin mixture. Wrap it in fat-free flour tortillas for a quick lunch the next day.
  • For a different presentation, spoon the tomatoes' spinach mixture into hollowed-out tomatoes.