Seafood Dinner Easily Impresses

Easy Haddock Bake

Easy Haddock Bake

Dorothy B., of Carver, Massachusetts has a surefire way to jazz up fish fillets. A little sherry and cream of shrimp soup make her Easy Haddock Bake a special entree that’s also low in carbs.

Serve the golden fish alongside Savory Green Beans from Carol Ann H. The Everson, Washington reader seasons the nutritious dish with a delightful combination of herbs.


  • Baked potato
  • Lime gelatin


  • Feel free to use cod fillets in place of the haddock for the main course.
  • Occasionally, Dorothy replaces the dry bread crumbs in her fish recipe with cracker crumbs.
  • For extra flair, Carol Ann stirs Parmesan cheese into the green beans right before serving.