Perfect Picnic Fare Beats the Heat

Grilled Basil Chicken and Tomatoes

Grilled Basil Chicken and Tomatoes

Can’t stand cooking in a hot kitchen? Fire up that barbie, spread a picnic blanket in the backyard and serve up Laura Lunardi’s Grilled Basil Chicken and Tomatoes. The Exton, Pennsylvania cook’s entree lets you relax for an hour while the meat marinates, so enjoy some fruity iced tea and then feast!

Top it all off with cool, creamy Peach Cheese Pie from Janine Wich of Farmingdale, New York. It makes a heart-healthy, no-bake dream of a dessert on steamy evenings.



  • Serve Laura’s chicken on whole wheat buns for a fun handheld main dish.
  • For bushels of other light, quick-fixing potato salads, check our Recipe Finder.
  • Top the pie with peach slices or fresh berries for a pretty presentation.