Italian entree ready in 30 minutes

Tasty Italian Chicken

Tasty Italian Chicken

Richmond, Indiana's Beth Ann S. beats the clock whenever she serves Tasty Italian Chicken. The juicy chicken tenderloins and homemade tomato sauce come together in half an hour on the stovetop.

And what's an Italian meal without garlic? You'll find plenty of it in Brenda N.'s Creamy Noodles. "My daughter used this recipe to help her lose 35 pounds," shares the Folsom, Louisiana cook.


  • Steamed broccoli
  • Fat-free chocolate pudding


  • When shopping for chicken tenderloins, remember that some brands label the product as chicken tenders.
  • Beth Ann finishes up leftover rice by serving the saucy chicken over it.
  • For extra flavor and color, Brenda sometimes stirs a little salsa into the noodles.