Go Italian in 30 Minutes

Have dinner on the table in half an hour!

Creamy Turkey Fettuccine

Creamy Turkey Fettuccine

Thirty minutes are all Paula M. needs for her popular Creamy Turkey Fettuccine. The Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania reader relies on a light cheese spread to speed up the comforting sauce.

From Kenai, Alaska, Gwen K. sends the ideal accompaniment. Yogurt-Herb Salad Dressing comes together in no time and has only a trace of fat. Try it over the crisp greens of your choice.


  • Dinner rolls
  • Low-fat brownies


  • Paula enjoys the pasta with slices of pumpkin or cranberry nut bread.
  • Swap out the main course’s turkey with cooked chicken, ham or even shrimp if that’s what you have on hand.
  • Instead of topping greens with croutons, Gwen likes to sprinkle healthy soy nuts over her salads.