Special Brunch Bake Menu

Special Brunch Bake

"Special Brunch Bake features buttermilk biscuits. If you don't have Canadian bacon, try it with turkey bacon or ham," says Nicki Woods of Springfield, Missouri. "My son puts it together himself, and the entire family devours it. It's delicious as a breakfast, lunch or dinner."

For a colorful addition to the meal, Nicki blends up a batch of Raspberry Cream Smoothies. Frozen raspberries and banana chunks give the refreshing beverages plenty of frosty fruit flavor. "Simply halve the recipe for small meals," she notes.

Nicki rounds out this brunch with soft chewy Cranberry Breakfast Pretzels. The tasty twists have a cinnamon-sugar topping and bits of bright cranberries throughout. "Serve them with warm honey or fat-free cream cheese," she recommends.

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