Griddle Cakes and Scrambled Eggs

Bran Griddle Cakes Meal

Bran Griddle Cakes Meal

You'd never guess there's bran in these moist, tasty pancakes that are drizzled with a sweet orange sauce. "My children are grown, but they still request Bran Griddle Cakes for breakfast when they come home," writes Marie Cockerham of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Your family will surely flip over these flapjacks, too!

Wake up your taste buds with Lightly Scrambled Eggs, enhanced with sour cream, green onions and cheese. To keep it light, Patricia Kaliska of Phillips, Wisconsin uses reduced-fat and fat-free ingredients.

Sleepy heads will savor Yogurt Breakfast Drink, a dreamy smoothie from Renee Gastineau of Seattle, Washington. Simply blend yogurt, milk and orange juice concentrate for a fresh start to your day.

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