Healthy Breakfast Menus

Healthy breakfast menus for every day

Broccoli-Ham Cheese Pie and Sausage Patties

Sheets of easy-to-use phyllo dough create a crisp buttery crust for this comforting Broccoli-Ham Cheese Pie from Nancy Granaman. "This egg and vegetable pie always gets thumbs-up approval from my sons and husband," says the Burlington, Iowa cook.

Egg Burritos and Banana Nut Muffins

"Egg 'n' Potato Burritos is my husband's favorite dish," Ann Yarber says from Washington, Oklahoma. The scrumptious combination with hash browns and eggs adds zip to breakfasts on the fly.

Griddle Cakes and Scrambled Eggs

You'd never guess there's bran in these moist, tasty pancakes that are drizzled with a sweet orange sauce.

Pumpkin Pancakes and Orange Smoothies

Vicki F.’s Pumpkin Pancakes are so speedy, you’ll have plenty of time to relax. The Story City, Iowa cook counts on a variety of spices to give the yummy breakfast rounds extra pizzazz.

Special Brunch Bake

"Special Brunch Bake features buttermilk biscuits. If you don't have Canadian bacon, try it with turkey bacon or ham," says Nicki Woods of Springfield, Missouri.

Vegetable Omelet and Skillet Potatoes

Healthy and simply delicious, this light and fluffy omelet is chock-full of fresh garden veggies, flavor and cheese. Logan, Utah's Edie DeSpain makes it with whatever veggies she has on hand and says it's great for any meal at all!

Video: Crescent Rolls

Warm crescent rolls are easy to prepare whether for breakfast or dinner.

Video: Muffins in Minutes

Guests coming for coffee or tea? You can make moist, tender muffins in only a few minutes.

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