Tips: Get Into the Habit of Drinking Water

Here are some tips to help you get into the H2O habit.

Habit of Drinking

Habit of Drinking

Suggestions for Sipping

Here are some tips to help you get into the H2O habit:

  • Spend lots of time at home? Keep a pitcher of water in your refrigerator, so it's handy, well-chilled and inviting.
  • If you're at the office, keep a big mug or bottle at your desk. You'll find yourself reaching for it naturally.
  • When you drain your mug, don't wait until you finish what you're doing…refill it immediately.
  • Drink water with each meal. It's good for your digestion and may help you feel full so you eat less.
  • Bored with plain water? Perk it up by squeezing a wedge of lemon or lime into it. Or drink other liquids such as fat-free milk, unsweetened fruit juices, flavored sparkling waters, other beverages and broth-based soups.
  • Eat foods that are high in water content, which includes most fruits and vegetables. A refreshing slice of watermelon is over 90 percent water.
  • Try drinking water through a straw. Some people claim it's easier to down this way.
  • Make it a habit not to pass a water fountain without stopping for a sip.