Take Control of Your Weight Loss

A reader shares her weight-loss success story.

By Janice Piper, Martinsville, Virginia

Quick Shrimp Gumbo

Quick Shrimp Gumbo

I decided I had to lose weight not because of how I looked, but because of how I felt. I have arthritis, so going up and down stairs is difficult. I also have diabetes, which wasn't controlled as well as I had hoped.

I enrolled in Weight Watchers and started exercising at Curves three times a week. I also turned to the great recipes in Light & Tasty. I've been a subscriber since the beginning.

Although my husband, Bob, and I are retired empty-nesters, I still cook a lot because Bob loves home cooking. Light & Tasty offers a variety of healthy good-tasting recipes, and the nutritional analysis is vital for figuring Weight Watcher points.

At least half of my recipes come from Light & Tasty. I probably use eight to 10 per issue. Some of our favorites are Baked Chicken Fajitas, Rio Grande Pork Roast, White Chicken Enchiladas, Strawberry Mousse and Quick Shrimp Gumbo (shown above).

I'm 30 pounds lighter now, and I feel good. My doctor is pleased with the weight loss and that my diabetes is under control. I'm off one of my diabetes drugs and the dosage for another has been cut in half. And I have three times the energy I used to have!

In addition to my weight-loss program and exercise, the healthy recipes in Light & Tasty made all the difference in the world.