Six Stick-With-It Diet Strategies

Consider the following ideas and keep your commitment to healthy eating.

Stick-with-It Diet

Stick-with-It Diet

Most of us agree that keeping up with weight-loss or wellness plans can be trying at times. If you feel like you're at the end of your rope and you're about to give in to your old ways, consider the following ideas and keep your commitment to healthy eating.

  1. Plan on preparation. One of the biggest obstacles health-conscious cooks face is finding the time to prepare light dinners. With a little planning, however, you can eat right even on your busiest nights.

    Try making a weekly meal guide that complements your active schedule.

  2. Cook creatively. Eating the same things time and again can give anyone the doldrums…and can easily lead the way to preparing full-fat fare.

    To prevent this, constantly mix up menus with new health-minded recipes. Not only will the different flavors satisfy you, but you're likely to find some new favorites.

  3. Pack lively lunches. You'll find you can curb the urge to go out for lunch when you've packed a meal that you're looking forward to enjoying. Make lunch your largest meal of the day and you'll cut back on calories at dinnertime, too.
  4. Snack smartly. Keep items like raisins and whole wheat crackers on hand during the workday and you'll keep the vending machines at bay. While grocery shopping, pick up plenty of good-for-you snacks for home, too.
  5. Educate yourself. The more you learn about how your body uses nutrients, the better food choices you'll make. Stay motivated by surfing the Internet, visiting a library or stopping by a newsstand or bookstore and reading up on basic nutrition.
  6. Find a partner. Sticking with any sort of a plan is easier when you have a shoulder to lean on during tough times. Ask your spouse to try shedding a few pounds with you or find a friend to join you on morning walks. You're more likely to meet your goals if you have a teammate or two cheering you on.