Restaurant Tips

Restaurant Tips

Step out to your favorite restaurant and step around fattening foods with these tips:

  • When the bread basket makes its way to you, reach for a slice of whole grain bread or grab a few crackers. Pass on the croissants and biscuits.
  • Drink water before and during your meal so you'll feel less hungry. Forget the diet soda and order reduced-fat milk, coffee, tea, or vegetable or fruit juice instead.
  • Most restaurants serve large portions. Before ordering, suggest splitting an entree with your dinner companion. Otherwise, enjoy half at dinner and take the rest home.
  • All-you-can-eat buffets come with a side order of excuses such as "I had to go back for seconds to get my money's worth," or "I didn't get to try everything yet." Help yourself to plenty of fruits and vegetables at the salad bar…but stay away from cold pasta salads, which are often swimming in oil and mayonnaise.
  • Save yourself calories by removing the skin from poultry and cutting any excess fat from meats.
  • Bypass the dessert tray by making fat-free frozen yogurt a staple in your freezer. You'll know there's something at home to satisfy your sweet tooth, and you can put the money you save back in your wallet without putting extra inches on your waistline.

Remember that you are in charge. Know what foods to avoid, what's "light" on the menu and ask the right questions…and eating out won't lead to eating out of control!

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