Pasta Shapes

Learn the different types of pasta with our pasta shape chart

Pasta Shapes

Pasta Shapes

There's a world of "pastabilities" when it comes to making dishes your family will love. Staples like spaghetti with meat sauce, fettuccine Alfredo and lasagna are proven crowd pleasers.

But the number of pasta options at the supermarket is enough to make even the savviest shopper's head spin. There are dozens of pastas available...all in different shapes, sizes, tastes and textures.

For the most part, busy cooks can rely on fast-to-cook dry pastas. See the photos below for a few of the most common shapes.

Spaghetti, linguine, angel hair, vermicelli and egg noodles are no-fuss pastas that suit a variety of recipes.

Bow tie, rotini and wagon wheel offer a bit of fun but still cook up quickly.

Medium shells and tube-shaped pastas, like elbow macaroni and penne, are wonderful in cold salads...and jumbo shells and manicotti are best when stuffed with savory fillings.

Now that you know more about these common pasta shapes, why not try them out in any of the recipes that follow? Your family will soon be saying, "More pasta, please!"

Angel Hair






Medium Shells

Jumbo Shells

Elbow Macaroni




Bow Tie

Egg Noodles

Wagon Wheel

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