10 Tips for a Healthier New You

Ways to help you eat better, exercise more
and become a healthier you!

10 Tips

10 Tips

Keep these easy ideas in mind when you're trying to improve the way you eat, cook and live!

  1. Savor foods slowly. Not only are you more likely to overeat and neglect portion control when you are quickly shoveling in your supper, but you are also less likely to enjoy the food. Don't eat in front of the television or (even worse) standing over the sink. Instead, sit down to your meal and give the food and its flavor your full attention.
  2. Eat regularly and snack often. Skipping meals will most likely cause you to eat more at a later time. Healthy snacks and nutritious mini-meals not only boost your metabolism and energy, but help you keep dinner portions in tow.
  3. Reconsider mealtime lineups. What constitutes a meal in your home? Meat, potatoes and bread? Does supper always involve three courses? Rethink your dinner options and get creative with menu planning. A salad that's chock-full of veggies and cubed cooked chicken, for example, is a one-dish meal that cuts back on the calories, fat and sodium often found in traditional dinners.
  4. Interview yourself. When the vending machine or other tempting delights come calling, ask yourself if you are truly hungry or simply eating out of habit. If you're really hungry, address that issue with a nutritious option. If you are stressed, bored or angry, however, find a way to deal with those emotions without involving food.
  5. Become a diary dieter. Keep a daily journal of what and when you eat. It's easier to stick to goals when you are recording every nibble…and you are also less likely to scratch the whole day after one overindulgence. Review your entries from time to time to identify eating trends. Include affirming notes about goals, exercise accomplishments, etc.
  6. Focus on how your body feels. When it comes to weight loss, the numbers on the bathroom scale are not always motivating, so reflect on other changes that your body is experiencing. Do your clothes fit looser? Has your energy increased? Are your workouts easier? Remember these benefits when it feels like the pounds aren't coming off as quickly as you'd like.
  7. Walk on by. To avoid future temptations, bypass sugary sweets and salty treats while grocery shopping. Keeping these foods out of the pantry may also help you find healthier snacking options. If you buy treats for the kids, purchase items that they enjoy but that don't interest you. Avoid buying unhealthy snacks in bulk.
  8. Get moving. You may not be ready to run a marathon, but why not take a walk on your lunch break or practice some stretches or yoga positions at night? Exercise is a key component to overall well-being, so find a fitness routine you like and make it a regular part of your day.
  9. Pack on the produce. Study after study verifies that a diet full of fruits and vegetables results in a healthier body, wards off disease and delays the effects of aging. Get your five servings a day by adding good-for-you produce to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy some fresh veggies for an afternoon snack and have a piece of fruit sometime after supper.
  10. Fill up on fiber. Most people don't get nearly the amount of fiber they need. That's unfortunate, since fiber can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and it leaves folks feeling full and satisfied. Strive to work beans, grains and high-fiber breads and cereals into your daily menu.