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Exercise planning, tips and healthy living support

Pilates...Perfect For Every Body

A form of fitness that gets impressive results without taxing the body.

Rewarding Exercise Plan

Using some fitness equipment, an atlas and her imagination, this reader "inched" her way across Oregon.

Square Dance the Pounds Away

It was just last year that my husband and I first tried square dancing—and now we're truly a swinging couple.

Couple square dancing together for exercise

Square Dancing Tips

The low-down on the hoedown.

Couple running at sunset with dog

Stand Up for a Healthier You

The No. 1 excuse people give for not exercising is no time. But closer inspection reveals that Americans actually have more free time than ever.

Stretching Exercises

Are you ready to give stretching a shot? Here are two basic stretches to help you get started.

Stretching to Stay Fit

Looking for a simple way to integrate fitness into your day? It's not too much of a stretch!

Swimming Tips

Whether you work out in your own pool or join a water-fitness class, keep the following tips in mind and you're sure to do swimmingly well.

Tae Kwon Do for Fitness

Once a friend introduced me to tae kwon do, it became my major source of fitness and started me on the journey of a lifetime.

Tae Kwon Do Tips

Before going to the mat, make sure you are prepared.

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