Exercise Tips and Articles

Exercise planning, tips and healthy living support

Heartfelt Changes

Seven smart moves for a happier heart this year

Hiking Tips

Before heading out, check to see that you have the following…

Hiking Your Way to Good Health

Dust off your hiking boots! Now's a great time to join the millions of others who experience wildlife, celebrate nature and shed extra pounds.

Home Gym Tips

Whether you own a ski machine or a jump rope, your home gym won't do any good if you don't visit it regularly.

Kitchen Fitness Quiz

Kitchen Fitness Quiz

6 simple tests to gauge your endurance, strength and flexibility

Mall Walking Exercise Tips

Keep your mall walking experience fun and lively by trying a few of these motivators.

Mall Walking Workout

It's no secret that millions of people walk daily regardless of rain, sleet or snow. How? They simply head for the local shopping mall!

Marathon Walking Starts With a Single Step…

At the age of 50, I realized it was up to me to change my eating habits and start a regular exercise routine.

Marathon Walking Tips

Whether you're simply walking for fitness or thinking about trying a marathon, keep the following in mind and you're bound to succeed.

Office Stretches

Office Stretches

Get a little exercise at your workstation by making your own stretching routine using these desk stretches and stretching techniques

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