Yoga Tips

Woman carrying yoga mat

Woman carrying yoga mat

Yoga for Beginners

Anyone can do yoga—couch potatoes and professional athletes alike. If you're interested in stretching into better shape, find a yoga studio that offers classes for beginners.

  • Instructor. Look for a teacher who challenges but does not push students beyond their limits. Ask if the instructor works one-on-one with students and if he or she is familiar with modifications to poses.
  • Equipment. When you attend your first class, be sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move. And think about purchasing a simple yoga mat. The mats offer cushioning and prevent slipping.
  • Videos. If you can't find a class in your town, practice with a video made for beginners and read as much as you can on yoga.
  • Easy does it. Whether exercising on your own or with a class, remember that if a pose or stretch hurts, you should stop. The theory of "no pain, no gain" is not the yoga way. Yoga encourages students to explore their limits and doesn't focus on complete perfection.