Office Stretches

Get a little exercise at your workstation by making your own stretching routine using these desk stretches and stretching techniques

Office Stretches

Office Stretches

Sooner or later those hours spent scrunched in front of a computer screen can leave you complaining about a "back-breaking" workload that's becoming a literal pain in the neck. Get quick relief with these easy stretches that loosen up tense neck, shoulder, hip, back and wrist muscles. Try them two or three times a day, breathing evenly throughout. They take minutes and can boost your productivity and comfort until the end of the day.

Head RollHead Roll

Tilt head to the left until you feel a slight stretch. Roll slowly forward, touching chin to chest, then roll to the right. Hold each stage for five counts. Reverse. Repeat the cycle three times.

Shoulder ShrugShoulder Shrug

With your arms hanging, inhale deeply and lift both shoulders up to your ears. Hold for five counts. Exhale and let shoulders drop. Repeat three times.

Hip StretchHip Stretch

Sitting tall, cross your right ankle over left knee. Lean forward with back straight and feel a stretch in the right hip. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Spine TwistsSpine Twists

With right hand on left knee, hook your left arm over back of chair. With back straight, twist torso left as far as you can without straining. Hold for five counts. Repeat on both sides three times.

Forearm StretchForearm Stretch

Stretch your left arm straight out, wrist bent, fingers pointing up. Use your right hand to gently pull your fingers back. Repeat on the other side.