Mall Walking Exercise Tips

Family walking together in shopping mall

Keep your mall walking experience fun and lively by trying a few of these motivators:

  • Join a walking program. Stop by your mall's customer service area to find out if the mall has a walking program. If it does, sign up and take part in its activities.

    If your mall doesn't offer a program, start one yourself. Get feedback from other walkers and contact the mall management. See if a local hospital is willing to offer support—such as setting up free blood pressure checks or donating T-shirts for walkers to wear.

  • Set and monitor goals. Try to walk a certain distance each day or walk nonstop for a particular amount of time. Log the progress of your long-term goals, and when you achieve one, congratulate yourself before setting a new one.
  • Socialize with others. What makes mall walking fun is the people. Talking with others is a great distraction from the fact that you are actually working out.
  • Make plans after walking. You are more likely to walk each morning if you know you're going to do something you enjoy afterward. Plan to go shopping or grab a cup of coffee with friends when your walk is done.
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