Daily Dancing Workout

Mom dancing with her child

Mom dancing with her child

I found a great way to get in shape that involves my children, can be fit around my 12-hour work shifts and relieves stress as well.

I have a son, Brent, and a daughter, Addison. Once a day, I turn the radio to a station playing upbeat music, lift up one of the children and start dancing. After a few minutes, the other child gets a turn.

I swing the kids from side to side and bounce up and down, holding my stomach tight and squeezing my leg muscles in time to the music. Before I know it, the three of us are giggling and singing, and I can feel the workout taking effect.

At times, the dancing turns into a game of chase, but that's good exercise, too. And if my husband walks in, I'm sometimes able to snag him for a slow dance that I use as a cool-down routine.

Not only did this help me tone up and lose weight, but it saved me from dull workouts and gave me another opportunity to have fun with my children.

—Meg Hibbler, Farrandsville, Pennsylvania