Creating a Home Gym

Couple exercising together in home gym

Couple exercising together in home gym

I belonged to a gym for 20 years, but quite frankly, I got tired of spending the extra time needed to get there. It took me about 45 minutes to get ready and drive to the gym, and in that time I could have completed my workout.

I decided to end my membership and turn my spare bedroom into a fitness room. I cleared out the room and then brought in my exercise equipment, which includes free weights, a weight bench and an elliptical training machine.

I added a stereo for music and a small television with a built-in VCR so I can do aerobics, step classes, kick-boxing, Pilates and fitness ball workouts using videotapes.

From fitness magazines, I cut out examples and explanations of various exercises and glued them onto colorful cardboard that I pinned to the walls. I also hung large mirrors in the room so I could check my form while exercising.

I'm saving money on monthly membership fees and saving time not having to drive back and forth to the gym. I can choose from a variety of workouts, so I don't get bored. Most importantly, I'm so happy with my new workout room that I exercise a lot more than I used to.

—Delilah Quanz, Bellingham, Washington