Biking Tips

Biking Tips

Biking Tips

Ready to get your wheels spinning? Before you do, talk to your doctor, try on your safety helmet and reflective gear, and consider the following pointers:

  • Vary Your Schedule.

    Add jogging, hiking or another activity to your fitness plan. If you want to increase your upper body strength, for example, lift weights on the days you don't go for a ride.

  • Eat Right.

    A healthy diet is an important part of cycling. Most cyclists eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats. They also limit their intake of sweets.

  • Keep It Fun.

    The more enjoyable you find cycling, the more motivated you will be to stick with it. Biking with friends is always fun.

    It's also a good idea to set goals. Promise yourself that you'll ride in a charity event or complete a loop around a lake by the end of summer. Then work toward that goal.

    Start out slowly and bike at a pace that's comfortable for you. A bike path might be a good place to begin before taking to the road and riding toward better fitness.