Aerobic Video Tips

Woman following along to exercise video at home.

Woman following along to exercise video at home.

Once you've decided on the right exercise plan, consider the following tips before working out to aerobic videos:

  • Choosing a video.

    Investigate which exercise videos are right for you by reading video reviews and researching consumer publications. Your library or local video store may have tapes or DVDs you can preview before making a purchase.

    If you are expecting a baby, do not use a regular workout video. Instead, consult your doctor about exercise and ask for his or her recommendation on prenatal/postnatal fitness videos.

  • Getting ready.

    Meet as many of your children's needs as possible before you begin working out. Change the baby, give toddlers a favorite toy and fix older kids a snack. Sit young children in playpens so you don't accidentally bump into them.

  • Adjusting the routine.

    When altering the video's workout so you can also play with your children, try to incorporate as many of the video's instructions as possible, keeping your movements in time with the video and maintaining an increased heart rate. Similarly, if an exercise is too strenuous, modify it so you can keep your body moving.

  • Attending to children.

    Remember, your role as parent comes first. You must be able to care for your children at all times while working out. If you can't watch your children adequately because a video routine demands your complete attention, switch to a program that is easier to follow.

(Be sure to talk to your doctor first before beginning any exercise program.)