What are the Calories and Fat Grams for Different Types of Ground Meat?

What are the Calories and Fat Grams for Different Types of Ground Meat

Peggy Woodward, RD

DEAR PEGGY: In June/July 2008, the article on page 63 (chart reprinted below) listed the calories and fat grams for different types of ground meat. I use ground venison instead of ground beef in many recipes.

I'd like to know the nutritional facts for this meat. I'm under the impression that venison has less fat and cholesterol than ground beef. —J. M., Letohatchee, Alabama

You're right! Ground venison is lower in fat than ground sirloin (about 90 percent lean), ground turkey and even lean ground turkey. But it's not leaner than extra-lean ground turkey.

Three ounces of cooked ground venison equals:

  • 159 calories
  • 7 g fat
  • 83 mg cholesterol

Venison is also lower in calories, but the amount of cholesterol it contains is comparable to that found in ground beef and ground turkey.

Be a Savvy Shopper!

Grocery Stores offer different types of ground beef with different percentages of lean meat by weight. Look for those labels with the highest percentage of lean meat. And be aware that ground poultry, which may include skin and dark meat, can be as high or higher in fat than ground beef! Look for the lean or extra-lean variety.

For 3 Ounces Cooked Meat Calories Fat (G)
Ground Beef - 70 % Lean 232 16
Ground Chuck - 80 % Lean 204 13
Ground Round - 85 % Lean 193 12
Ground Sirloin - 90 % Lean 175 9
Ground Turkey 220 17
Lean Ground Turkey 170 8
Extra-Lean Ground Turkey 120 1