Does a blender affect the amount of vitamins or minerals?

Ask Peggy

Ask Peggy

DEAR PEGGY: I love making smoothies for snacks and light meals. I use freshly squeezed orange juice, light yogurt and berries or fresh fruit. I've often wondered if there is less fiber in a smoothie because it's been processed in a blender? Does using a blender affect a smoothie's vitamins or minerals? —D.B, Minneapolis, Minnesota

It's great to hear that you're getting your fruits, fiber and other nutrients through great-tasting smoothies!

It sounds as though you're only missing out on a bit of fiber, and that's from the orange you're squeezing the juice from. If you're squeezing out the juice and discarding the orange, the fiber from the orange itself is lost. However, all of the other fiber in your smoothies should remain…even after you process the ingredients in a blender.

Blending usually does not affect fruits' vitamins and minerals. A heating process can destroy some nutrients, but the blending process won't.

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