Where is a good place for bread to rise?

Ask Peggy

Ask Peggy

DEAR PEGGY: In every bread recipe it always says to "cover and let rise in a warm place." Where, in an air-conditioned house, is that "warm" place? —B. D.; Tallahassee, FL

There are a few tricks that I like to use -

I preheat my oven at the lowest temperature for a VERY short period of time, then turn off the heat (remember to turn off the heat!), and let my bread rise in the warm oven. However, if you aren't lucky enough to have double ovens (I don't), you have to take the bread out of the warm oven just before it is done rising in order to preheat your oven so that you can bake the bread.

You can also let your dough rise in the microwave or on top of the refrigerator, which is typically warmer than the countertop.

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