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Tools and advice for a healthy lifestyle

Losing Isn

Losing Isn't Everything

just how realistic is reality tv's the biggest loser? a former contestant and top nutrition experts weigh in.

read losing isn't everything 10 secrets for healthier grocery shopping 13 quick fixes for a diet-friendly kitchen

Our Registered Dietitian Peggy

Ask Our Dietitian

Registered dietitian and food editor Peggy Woodward answers readers’ questions on cooking and nutrition.

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Biking Tips

Biking Tips

ready to get your wheels spinning? before you do, talk to your doctor, try on your safety helmet and reflective gear, and consider the following pointers.
Budget Workout Ideas

Budget Workout Ideas

a good workout doesn't have to cost a fortune ... or anything at all!

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Smart Eating

High Fiber Foods List

High Fiber Foods List

fiber can help improve cholesterol levels and control blood sugar and help maintain a healthy weight
Fast Food: Dining on the Dash

Fast Food: Dining on the Dash

all too often, healthy-eating goals fly out the window the minute you reach the drive-thru window.

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Calorie Counter

Use this tool to figure out how many calories you're burning during various activities. Just fill in your weight, choose an activity and enter the duration. Then we'll do the math for you.

How many calories did you burn today?

BMI Calculator

The body mass index (BMI) is the easiest way to determine if you're carrying around too much fat.

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Meal Planning Worksheet

Print and use this page daily to plan what you’re going to eat and record what you’ve actually eaten. Keep the pages in a binder so you can track your progress.

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send us your recipes for a chance to be published in taste of home! our editors are busy reading recipes from readers like you to fill upcoming magazines. enter one of our recipe contests and you could win $500!



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