Summer's a Great Time for Picnics

Healthy side dishes to serve at your next outdoor gathering

Summer's a Great Time for Picnics

Summer's a Great Time for Picnics

Planning a picnic can be fun for the whole family. But packing heavy foods can weigh you down. Here are some healthy sides to keep you on your toes and enjoying the outdoors. They're also great to take to a summertime potluck!

Picnic Slaw
Everyone loves this festive, colorful coleslaw. It not only looks good, it tastes great, too. Crisp vegetables covered with a light creamy dressing make a refreshing side dish you'll be proud to serve.
—Jesse & Anne Foust, Bluefield, West Virginia

Picnic Bean Casserole
Smoked bacon adds zest to this bean bake, a recipe I got from my mother. I must confess that lima beans have never been among my favorite foods. But I actually like them in this casserole, and their color brightens up the mixture.
—Jill Evely, Wilmore, Kentucky

Picnic Beans with Dip
Here's a fun way to enjoy fresh-picked beans...with a creamy well-seasoned dip. I first enjoyed it at a friend's house and have made it for several years. Try the dip with other vegetables, too, such as broccoli, celery and carrots.
—Martha Bergman, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Cabbage Picnic Salad
The nice sweet and sour blend enhances all the ingredients in this salad. Slightly different than cole slaw, it's a good dish to bring to pot-lucks and picnics. It keeps well and the taste is refreshing.
—Catherine Berra Bleem, Sparta, Illinois

Picnic Peas
We love picnics here in the Midwest, and this pea salad is a perfect companion for fried chicken, hot dogs or hamburgers. I discovered this delicious recipe so long ago that I forgot where it came from.
—Joyce Sander, Evansville, Indiana