Pint-Size Munchies

Pint-Size Munchies

You want the best for your kids, and part of that means looking out for their health. Try these no-fuss ideas to add some healthy habits every day.

Set an example. You are your child's best role model. Demonstrate how to live a healthy lifestyle by making smart food choices and staying active. Your kids are more likely to follow you.

Try and try again. Does your child refuse to eat certain fruits or veggies? Introduce them in new ways to see if you can win over their taste buds. Mix them in with other foods they love. It just might do the trick.

Limit couch time. Encourage kids to head outdoors to play tag, jump rope, ride bikes, walk the dog and try other fun activities. If you notice a sport they enjoy, sign them up for a recreation league or encourage them to try out for their school's team.

Plan family activities. Schedule family hikes, a trip to the beach or a day biking on trails. Even a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner is a great way to exercise together. Let each member of the family select a fitness class to try, whether it's yoga, swimming or dance, and experience it together.

Stick with it. Your child might fight an initial change to their routine, like scheduling in outdoor playtime instead of T.V. time, but keep it up. Within two to three weeks, they'll adapt and be more accepting of the new schedule.

From p. 58 of the Aug/Sep 2008 Issue of Healthy Cooking