Perked Up Popcorn Recipes

Perked Up Popcorn Recipes

Whether you pack a baggie for work or sit down with a bowlful and a good movie, the crunchy fluff of popcorn is hard to beat. But are you tired of the old butter-and-salt stuff?

Give your popcorn some pizzazz with one of these tried-and-true recipes tonight!

Parmesan-Garlic Popcorn Snack
This is my husband's favorite late night snack. He gobbles the entire bowlful of Parmesan-Garlic Popcorn Snack while watching TV.
—Sharon Skildum, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Sugar N Spice Popcorn
Our family can't get enough of this light cinnamon-sweet popcorn. The baked kernels are wonderfully crunchy and coated just right. Try mixing some up to have on hand as an anytime nibble.
—Naomi Yoder, Leesburg, Indiana

Hot Mustard Popcorn
When friends pop in at Yuletide, I like to dish up yummy munchies like this one. Mixed with zippy seasoning, it's best enjoyed with a thirst-quenching beverage.
—Diane Hixon, Niceville, Florida

Cajun Popcorn
Authentic Cajun popcorn is actually deep-fried crawfish tails seasoned with peppery spices. But we like this lighter, simpler version made with real popcorn. It's our favorite TV snack.
—Ruby Williams, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Nacho Popcorn
We like to munch this while watching TV. The nacho flavoring is a zesty alternative to butter and salt.
—Linda Boehme, Fairmont, Minnesota