My Healthy Life: Judy Parker

Family who changed their eating habits shares their favorite healthy eating tips with our readers

My Healthy Life Judy Parker

My Healthy Life Judy Parker

Judy Parker, featured in My Healthy Life on page 62 of the April/May 2010 issue, implements many strategies to keep her family healthy. Here, she shares some of her favorites that may help your family get on track, too.

Add in extra nutrients.

  • "Add ground flax seed to baked goods including bread, muffins, pancakes and waffles.
  • "Add flax seed oil and wheat germ to smoothies for extra nutrients and fiber.
  • "Add silken tofu to smoothies for soy protein. You can't taste it, and it adds creaminess and body to the smoothie.
  • "Substitute whole wheat flour for at least half the amount of all-purpose flour in recipes."
Eat breakfast.
"It's such an important meal and should never be skipped, especially if you're trying to lose weight."

Drink smart.
"Colas are loaded with sugar and chemicals and offer no nutritional value, so stick with water instead. Try to eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice so you get the benefit of the fiber as well."

Set high, but achievable goals.
"Don't try to do too much at first. Start out slow and increase intensity as you become more fit. This decreases your risk of injury and helps motivate and encourage you as you achieve your goals."

Enlist the help of a spouse or friend.
"Work-out buddies are a great sources of accountability and encouragement. They'll help you keep going when it's tough and vice-versa."

Eat smart away from home.
"We opt for lots of salads and grilled menu items if we have to eat out. Or, if we are on a trip, we try to pack food with us to include fruit and raw veggies, trail mix, nuts, whole wheat crackers and cheese, etc."

Take it slow.
"We made small changes at first, which helped with more drastic changes later."

Get a buddy.
"Having someone to exercise with keeps me going. My husband Ladd makes me get out of bed, even when I don't want to, and having a goal to work towards really helps me to stay motivated."

Shop selectively.
"I try to buy from local farmers markets and choose organic when I can. We also have a small garden in our backyard, where we grow our own assortment of vegetables and herbs. I also buy milk without artificial hormones."

Buy healthy staples.
"I always have good quality olive oil, brown rice, whole-wheat flour, canned tomatoes and canned beans on hand. I can always throw in some tomatoes and beans to soups or sauces or even add beans to a tossed salad for extra protein."

Employ healthy cooking techniques.
"We grill outside frequently and also steam veggies in the microwave a lot."