My Healthy Life

Registered dietician shares her tips for a healthy lifestyle

My Healthy Life February-March 2009

My Healthy Life February-March 2009

From Richmond, Virginia, registered dietician Jackie Termont shared her hints, tips and recipes in this issue's My Healthy Life feature. Here are a few more of her great ideas.

Thank you, Jackie!

  • "On out-of-town trips, I keep trail mix (made from cereal, dried fruit and a few chocolate chips) with me for a healthful snack rather than grabbing something sugary from a convenience store. I also try to walk outside or use the hotel gym, if it has one."
  • "Although I don't buy organic, I do like to go to the local farmers market to buy fresh breads, fruits and vegetables."
  • "Be willing to try spices and cooking sprays. That way, you aren't using as much salt and butter."
  • "To get more fruits, vegetables and fiber, I incorporate vegetables into casseroles or use them as a side. I also make fruit part of dessert."
  • "I generally keep soy milk and 1 percent cottage cheese on hand. Popcorn is another good snack we always have in the pantry. I use cooking spray instead of oil the majority of the time when I saute or grill."