My Healthy Life

FOX News correspondent Caroline Shively shares her cooking secrets

My Healthy Life

My Healthy Life

This issue, we got to know a little about one of our readers, Caroline Shively of FOX News. Turns out she reads our magazine and enjoys cooking from it!

(We're big fans of yours, too, Caroline!) So what did we learn from her? When Caroline's not on the go covering national headlines, she's busy cooking, spending time with her husband and trying to stay fit. Try her bonus recipe and read more of our interview. And learn even more about her on the FOX News site.

Easy Baked Tilapia
"This recipe is an example of my 'kitchen sink' cooking, where I look in the fridge to see what we have and then throw something together. My husband loves fish and goes to the grocery store daily, so we always have fresh fish on hand as well as plenty of fresh vegetables."

HC: The recipes you shared with us are a great way to cook once and end up with two different meals. Do you cook like this purposely?

CS: "Since there's just two of us, we always have leftovers, but we don't necessarily want to eat a repeat of last night's dinner over and over. So I found a new way to serve the steak for a meal the next day. We cook a lot at our house, and the leftovers are a bonus. It's such a great way to save money because then I have lunch for the next day. Often, I don't have time to run out for lunch, so I just pack up my lunch bag, and I'm ready to go."

HC: How has your husband adjusted to healthier eating?

CS: "Overall, my husband enjoys my cooking and eating healthy. There have been a few experiments of plain brown rice and under seasoned fish where he's looked pretty sad at the dinner table, or I'll come downstairs later and find the ice cream container sitting out."

HC: What healthy snack do you tend to always keep with you?

CS: "When I'm on the road, I try to keep an energy bar with me because you never know when you're going to be near a restaurant. When we cover hurricanes, most of the guys will pull out beef jerky and chips, and I just can't do too much of that anymore, so I make sure I have an energy bar to eat."

HC: How have your travels influenced how you cook and eat?

CS: "My travels have made me a more adventurous eater. I think it's fun to bring trips home with you through food. After being in Rome when the new Pope was named, I was on a real Italian kick for a while. And when we went to Aruba, where we had wonderful seafood, I kept coming home with fish and fresh fruit."

HC: What was it like covering the election last year?

CS: "Covering the election was amazing. It's funny because for me, it's my job and another day at work, but I often remind myself that I'm getting to be a part of history."

HC: What are some food adventures you've had while traveling?

CS: "I had food poisoning twice while I was covering stories in the Middle East. I tried to eat things where I knew what I was getting, but there were a few mystery kabobs. Sometimes you just don't ask too many questions, but I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten anything too crazy."