Light Burgers for Summer Grilling

Stay healthy and keep burgers on your summer cookout menu with these recipes with 10 g of fat or less

Light Burgers for Summer Grilling

Light Burgers for Summer Grilling

Are you looking for a delicious burger to try this grilling season, but scared it'll put on pounds? Light the grill and rest assured because each of these tasty burgers has 10 g of fat or less. Bon Appetit!

Juicy Turkey Burgers
The way to a healthy heart for my husband is through luscious low-fat recipes. He enjoys these Juicy Turkey Burgers with their herb flavor and garden-fresh garnish. They make an ideal summer sandwich or in-hand meal for when we're on the run.
—Trina Hopsecger, Elkhart, Indiana

Garden Turkey Burgers
These moist burgers get plenty of color and flavor from onion, zucchini and red pepper. I often make the mixture ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator. Later, after helping my husband with yard work, I can put up the Garden Turkey Burgers on the grill while whipping up a salad or side dish.
—Sandy Kitzmiller, Unityville, Pennsylvania

Heavenly Earth Burgers
Packed with nutrition, these rice-and-bean patties from make a fun, filling, hand-held entree. Fresh parsley and carrots add flecks of color, and sunflower kernels a touch of crunchiness to Heavenly Earth Burgers.
—Wendy McGowan, Fontana, California

Calico Burgers
On summer Sundays when our children were young, we'd often invite guests for cookouts. These unique Calico Burgers burgers were always a hit.
—Maryann Bondonese, Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Great Grain Burgers
I've experimented with many combinations of ingredients to make a good meatless burger...and Great Grain Burgers are our favorite. These patties cook up golden brown and crispy and make delicious sandwiches.
—Pat Whitaker, Alsea, Oregon